We get many clients who are unsure what the relationship is between a domain and a host. This short article will quickly simplify this for anybody who does not understand the relationship and differences between hosting and domain names.

Example: Let us compare this to a person’s address. Let’s assume the person’s postal address is not the same as their physical address in this example.

A Domain name is like your postal address. A postal address is unique to every person, but it is not necessarily mean you physically live there. The same applies to your website. A domain is unique and serves as an address for accessing and finding your website on the world wide web (www) and not where it is stored.

Now let us look at your physical address, where you live. Regarding your website, it would be is its hosting. A hosting provider supplies the physical hardware and servers to store the website in the real world.

In a quick summary, your website is physically located at a server and is a hosting provider. It is accessed or found via its domain name.

There are many terms and vocabulary for websites and the internet. The internet is a global network of networks. The World Wide Web, better known to most people as www, is often referred to as being served “on top” of the internet. The internet also gets abbreviated to just the net.

Another analogy is to look at it is to think about the net (internet) as the roads, streets, railways, and waterways that connect the entire world, and the web (www) would be the things you see while driving on all those roads and streets.

Please get in touch with us should you want us to build your digital house (website) or shop (online store) on the digital roads and railways of the world (the net). We can also assist with your address (domain name) and the stand (hosting) to build your website.

Points to remember:

our hosting provider usually is a monthly cost that will offer a discount if you pay for the entire year, depending on the provider.

Your domain name has an annual renewal fee paid each year to retain ownership of that domain.

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