Graphic design has a broad scope, yet it is an important sector. Unfortunately, this sector is not appropriately considered and is often given a lesser level of importance. People often don’t even understand what graphic design is or its significance. 

A sweet and short definition is that Graphic Design is the art and craft where professionals create visual content as a form of communication.

There are eight major and separate sections to graphic design, with each of these having multiple subsections. 

  1. Logo Design and Company Branding
  2. Design and layout of packaging, including labels
  3. Website and mobile applications
  4. Printing layout for Business stationery, such as business cards, letterheads, and more.
  5. Design and typography for outdoor signs and banners.
  6. Animation and video layout and design
  7. Designing and layout for publishing such as magazines and newspapers.
  8. Online banners such as Google Adverts, social media posts, profile pictures, and covers

There are many more sections, but these are the main focus most businesses need from a graphic design perspective. 

Importance of professional Graphic Designers.

The importance of professional graphic design seems as though it should be logical for most business people or anyone to understand. Yet, we see it often where people “go it” alone. If your car needs repair, you seek someone with mechanical qualifications and experience. If you seek medical advice, you go to a qualified person, and you would not want a high school dropout drug addict teaching your kids again. You want a professional teacher who is qualified.

So then, undoubtedly, if your business needs graphics, logos, layouts, and social media, you should be looking for a trained, qualified person with experience.

It is a field in which training and experience count in large amounts. We could provide many examples, but the most common one is something most people will have experienced themselves. We have all driven past that huge billboard that costs a fortune, and it has a ton of detail, and it’s so busy that it loses its impact entirely, even to the point where you may not even know what they are advertising. The reason for this is different designs for different formats.

A social media post with tons of detail works as the viewer has lots of time to read, save, or share it. However, that very same design on an outdoor billboard will not work. The driver and other vehicle occupants only have seconds to read and understand it as they drive past that design will not work. The people in the car cannot save it or do a screengrab, this is the real world, and it’s different from the digital world.

Inexperienced people trying to do graphic design often make huge mistakes by not knowing what works where and how to implement it. Website banners, layouts, printing requirements, and what color pallet works best for what application? If a litho machine is printing flyers, do you use CMYK, RGB, or #Hex? How much bleed do you allow? How does the format affect colors? How do the different papers impact my design and color? 

It is just paper, color, and printing on different printers; Ever wonder why your printer at home did not quite print the color you saw on the screen. That shade of blue is not exactly as you wanted it?

The same applies to designing for an outdoor banner or billboard, considering environmental details such as how far away is it? What font and other typography issues will there be at the different distances. What is the speed limit on the road where the sign will be situated? Is there a stop sign? Is there a traffic light? Where does the sunrise and set in relationship to my prospective location?

Most people did not even think that sunset might impact the colors on my outdoor sign. Imagine a billboard sign you cannot read at sunset when it’s peak homebound traffic? You are wasting time and money if your prospective clients cannot read your sign?  

How many times in a doctor’s office have you seen a sign that says: “Don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree” Graphic design professionals are the same; their field of expertise is just different. If you say it’s not the same for graphic design, you’re mistaken. If you say it is similar to what I have done before, you are also mistaken. Remember that a brain surgeon, general practitioner, and historian can all be doctors. Would you hire a historian with a Ph.D. for your brain surgery? Most likely not.

A professional graphic designer solves your design, layout, printing, and online requirements. We are qualified and specialize in all the sections and subsections of graphic design. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your visual design needs. “There is no job that we think of as too BIG, too small, small enough to care but BIG enough to count.” We are a professional design studio with the most affordable prices, don’t just take our word for it; contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Additional services we also offer:

  • Editing photos with photoshop.
  • Editing pdf files.
  • Website content.
  • Social media management.
  • Website design.
  • Website hosting.

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