Time after time, you hear people say, “just google that” that’s a term used today to request someone to check the internet for the information? Of course, Google is a search engine, and many others like Firefox, Torch, and Microsoft edge. Still, it is interesting how “Google,” the companies name, has become a verb for searching online to get or find information? 

Fun Fact, Google processes over 60 000 searches every second.

The whole point of having a website is to be found by prospective buyers, clients, or customers, so you need to be in the top results of those 60 000 per second searches that apply to your business.

Building a website is pretty simple. You can even use a good platform like WordPress. A quick tutorial, a YouTube video or two, and 5 minutes of happy clicking, and you can build yourself a website. Yes, this is quite true, but the type of paint does not make the artist. Picture yourself painting, and anyone can get a canvas. Grab some paint and throw it together with a quick tutorial a couple of YouTube videos. Hey, presto, let us celebrate as you are now an artist!! Now try painting your business. Remember, anyone can paint.

Now ask yourself if a customer would buy from you by looking at your painting, would they employ you based on this painting, would they spend real money on your services and products based on how you “painted” your business. Will they consider your expertise as valid based on your painting? Would they look at your artwork and say? “Yes, this is the company I have to use!” If you are not a talented and trained painter or rather an artist, then the chances are that they will ignore your painting.

We are talking about your website, and the same applies. A prospective client closes your site and moves on if it is amateur. MORE IMPORTANTLY, if not correctly built, your website will not be listed in any results full stop. What is the point of getting a website done at all if it is not going to be found or listed in any search results ever? Thus no one will even have a chance to see your website on the world wide web.

Your website’s build, structured content, and keywords are precisely what search engines use. More importantly, it is how they score your website to determine if you will be in the search results shown to customers. The result is an average website of average build quality, even with a good template and a good base like WordPress. If built without the correct foundation, it will not be in the top results.

By the foundation, we don’t just mean WordPress, Joomla, Wix, or Squarespace. Instead, we are talking about the architecture, typesetting, content, and wording based on high-scoring keywords.

These are some of the professional aspects that make us better “artists” in the digital world. Please remember that the above is just a tiny snippet of everything we do to get your website ready and optimized. These are just some basics that an amateur website builder will completely overlook. We specialize in this, and we are real artists doing your painting and not some novice with a brush.

Let us get your site optimized, found by search engines, and ready for top search results. We optimize not only for google but all search engines setting us aside from the competition. When it comes to search engines such as Google, they send out what the industry refers to as spiders which need to “crawl” your website for design, content, and structure. Unfortunately, most amateur website builders overlook open internal links, broken links, or incorrect hyperlinks. These common mistakes result in a website that will not be in search results.

Most people don’t realize that Google, Firefox, and other engines make money by showing their clients accurate information as fast as possible. If you used Google and the results were never what you were looking for, how long before you change to a search engine that performs better. Search engines check your site’s build quality, internal links, and many more factors. DC Online comes in and takes care of all those little details. We often refer to it as writing. Imagine an article like this one but without any punctuation. It will be harder to understand, readability will drop, and the chances are that you would get annoyed and leave. When a novice builds a website, it is as though he has written an article without punctuation. The search engines read the site and will not understand the content, resulting in a low score. A low score is why it won’t be listed and found in any search results. It may look good, but it will be hard for search engines to understand if not structured. Let us take care of all the “punctuation” (digital technicalities) for you.

We have and make use of software that grades the popularity of a word to establish what tags, keywords, and phrases that may already be overused. When we apply this software, the software will provide results, and in utilizing these results, we optimize your website above the competition. Now, this results in getting you, our client, higher-ranked in those search results. In reality, this is a complicated field that constantly changes nearly every month. That’s where we come in and keep your site updated and meeting the requirements as companies/search engines like Google change their algorithms continuously. We stay on top of the latest developments, then implement these changes to your website as this is needed to make sure that people find your website.

We use many more techniques (trade secrets) to get your SEO done and get your website ready and listed. 

We can also assist with Google AdWords accounts, and Google paid adverts, Google accounts, google Map integration, and all other relevant APIs. We can take care of all the other background services that the novice website builder will not even consider when building a website.

We are Google approved and have a google developer account, meaning we have access to Google’s tools. These tools enable us to enhance your site and make sure it is “certified,” it has been crawled, and view any potential errors so that we can rectify them.

We run expensive analytics software on each word separately and every phrase to determine which are the best to use and most likely to get you ranked. You don’t want to be fighting for a word or phrase that larger companies use in paid advertising campaigns. You will end up in a bidding war, and the one with the bigger budget will always win.

For more information regarding our SEO service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.